After the devastating Jan. 12, 2010 earthquake that directly affected our long standing and successful programs in Haiti, leaders of the Notre Dame community gathered on campus to address the needs of the people of Haiti. The town of Leogane, the epicenter of the earthquake, is where the University has its roots. While the Notre Dame Haiti Program continues its work in Leogane, the conditions of a fallen city, stricken by the earthquake, continues to be a burden and cross for the people there.

One of the outcomes of that meeting at Notre Dame was a vision to help the people of Leogane as they looked to the future and began the process of rebuilding their lives. Sponsored by the Notre Dame Haiti Program, planning began on campus by Notre Dame faculty and students, as well as other professionals with ties to Notre Dame—planners, engineers, architects, developers, educators, and consultants—for a workshop to take place in Leogane to address the needs of the city faced with the rebuilding of its infrastructure, its homes and businesses, its churches and hospitals, its parks and civic buildings.

A visionary workshop, held in March 2011, was made possible by the generous financial contributions of ND alumni and benefactors of the NDHP. The workshop called together over a 100 Haitian leaders in all sectors—business, medicine, engineering etc. who worked side by side with their American counterparts. It is our intention that the report generated from this meeting will assist in the development of a master plan for the city of Leogane and the implementation of that plan. Collaboration and coordination with the people of Haiti, the stakeholders in this enterprise, is essential for longterm success.

Rebuild Leogane Workshop Report (PDF)

Workshop Letter for Rebuild (DOC)