Bon Sèl Dayiti+

Bon Sel Dayiti+ is an iodized salt with DEC that prevents iodine deficiency disorder and lymphatic filariasis. It is the only food-grade, iodized, and fortified salt produced in Haiti.

Bon Sel Dayiti+ helps reduce the burden of preventable disease on the people of Haiti. It has been produced by the University of Notre Dame Haiti Program since 2006.

Bon Sel Dayiti+ contains diethylcarbamazine citrate, the medicine that kills the parasitic worms which cause lymphatic filariasis, and potassium iodate, to supply iodine which is an essential nutrient needed for brain development.

Below are some of the many benefits of iodized salt.

  • Helps prevent certain brain disorders and mental retardation.
  • Helps prevent apathy and other impaired movements.
  • Helps prevent stillbirths, miscarriages and congenital growth abnormalities.

Bon Sel

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