Hopital Sainte Croix


Hôpital Ste. Croix is a 120 bed general hospital and is the base of operations for the regional health care program serving the Léogáne Commune and surrounding communities in the Republic of Haiti.  The hospital operates an out-patient clinic, has three surgical suites, a pharmacy, a lab, an x-ray department and a guest house for visitors and volunteers.

The regional health program has six rally posts (mobile clinics) which serve remote mountain villages as well as sites in the nearby coastal plain. 

The hospital is owned by the Episcopal church of Haiti and operates in partnership with the Presbyterian Church (USA).  The Medical Director of the hospital reports directly to the Bishop of Haiti.

The Haiti program has offices and research laboratories in the hospital complex and the lymphatic filariasis clinic operates from the facility.  This clinic is the only one of its kind in the entire country.