Dorvil Award



The Jean Joseph Dorvil Award has been established at the University of Notre Dame to honor the memory of a graduate student who was killed at the age of 29 by insurgent guerrilla forces on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, in December of 2004.

Left homeless by family tragedy at the age of 11, Dorvil was supported by Catholic institutions throughout his years as a student in Haiti. During these years, he established a reputation as mentor and tutor among hundreds of young Haitians deprived of educational opportunities as faculties disbanded and schools fell victim to the chaotic political instability which has beset Haiti since the mid-1980s. While enrolled as a student in the University’s Master’s of Science in Administration, a program to form leaders in nonprofit administration, Dorvil was also serving as the principal administrator of the program in Haiti.

Mr. Dorvil was unrelentingly passionate about learning, and about acquiring skills he could apply to his professional work in public health research. The University honors this young person’s sacrifice and his passionate idealism through providing competitive support for advanced, post-graduate studies or professional training of Haitian nationals who wish to matriculate as students or trainees at internationally renowned institutions.

Meeting admissions criteria for major academic institutions is a prerequisite for consideration; the qualified applicant will be pursuing studies in business administration, the hard and social sciences, laboratory or technology, communication, or related fields which will empower the candidate for service in the developing world.

A three-member faculty / administrator panel will review applications and budgets submitted each year and will favor those applicants with C.V.s and a plan of study which exhibits potential to attract other streams of support during the course of proposed study.

A contractual agreement with the recipient is a requirement prior to receipt of funding. The agreement will obligate awardees to professional service in developing world settings for a period equal to that for the course of study supported. Fulfillment of this obligation may be delayed in order to continue advanced study funded under other fellowship opportunities. The award is designed to support at least one student per academic year. Previous awards have ranged from US $3,000 to $10,000. Letters of application, with supportive academic records, a proposal of study, and dossier filling institutional requirements, with relevant work experience and three references (professional and academic references preferred) are required. Please contact Haiti Program Staff for additional information.