Marya Lieberman receives 2020 Reinhold Niebuhr Award

Author: Rebecca Hicks

Marya Lieberman, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, is the 2020 winner of the Reinhold Niebuhr Award in acknowledgement of her work on Paper Analytical Devices (PADs). This award recognizes a faculty member or administrator whose life and body of academic work promotes or exemplifies the pursuit of social justice in modern life.

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Fortified salt operations resume in Haiti

Author: James Reimer

Father Michelet Dorescar, General Manager of the CSC Salt Project

According to Fr. Michelet Dorescar, General Manager of the CSC Salt Project, the facility in downtown Port-au-Prince, which produces its fortified salt marketed under the trade name Bon Sel Dayiti, resumed normal operations on Tuesday, July 10, after being closed on the preceding Saturday and Monday.


Most importantly, all employees and their families are safe and were kept out of harms way during the weekend protests.

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Patricia Curtin ’80: giving them the world

Author: Chontel Syfox

Patricia Curtin White 250

While speaking about her most recent trip to Haiti this summer, Dr. Patricia Curtin White ’80 felt a lump in her throat. “What a meaningful week,” she mused, “it’s always hard to leave, and when you do, that week just stays with you.” From June 18 to June 25, Dr. White, a dedicated Haiti Program volunteer, led a team of 20 physicians, nurses, students, and non-medical professionals on a mission trip to Haiti.

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Notre Dame's fight to end lymphatic filariasis

Author: Andy Fuller

Nddoc Edited

It’s a little more than an hour by car from the village of Léogâne to the Port-au-Prince office of Dr. Joseline Marhone, Haiti’s director of food and nutrition in the Ministry of Public Health and Population. It’s an instructive ride. The car is ventilated for passengers only by rolling down the windows, and then only when it’s moving, which isn’t as often as those accustomed to milder climates may like. Even in the city, the roads are winding, and the route seems devoid of right angles — indeed, of any angles at all. It’s a circuitous route to an unmarked destination. The office itself bears no markings of a government building. It’s literally a cargo container, roughly the size of a small semi-tractor trailer, with a hole cut in the side to accommodate a wall-mounted air conditioning unit, and a door affixed to a cut-out opening at the front.

At the least, it’s an unlikely place for Marhone to wax optimistic about her country’s prospects for dealing with lymphatic filariasis (LF), a cruel and debilitating mosquito-borne disease that has plagued Haiti for generations. Nevertheless, Marhone’s countenance, already bright, gleams when the subject is raised.

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Volunteer Profile: Aaron Steiner

Author: Gene Stowe

Aaron Steiner, who knew of the Haiti Program when he was earning a bachelor of management degree at Notre Dame in 2010, decided to volunteer for three weeks this summer between his consulting job at Deloitte and the start of his MBA program at the University of Michigan. The experience left the Haiti Program with a strategic business plan for increasing fortified-salt market share in three communities. It also left Steiner with a deepened appreciation for the social benefits of business.

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Volunteer Profile: Annie Sescleifer

Author: Gene Stowe

Annie Sescleifer, a 2105 Biological Sciences graduate with a minor in International Development Studies, is volunteering with the Haiti Program for a year before she goes on to medical school and a career in medicine and global health. Sescleifer met program founder Rev. Thomas Streit when she was a freshman, and he advised her capstone project that studied the effectiveness of fortified salt to fight lymphatic filariasis (LF) in a region of the Dominican Republic with a high population of Haitian immigrants.

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Junior preprofessional major serves some of the world's most needy

Author: Gene Stowe

Dr. Patricia Curtin White, who earned a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences at Notre Dame in 1980 and went on to become a medical doctor, has volunteered with the Notre Dame Haiti Program for many years and recruited her family to join the trips in support of a mobile medical service to help Haitians in remote villages. Her daughter, Mary White, a junior science preprofessional and psychology major with a minor in poverty studies, went on her first trip when she was in high school and returned in the summer of 2014

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Marie Donahue assumes role as managing director of the Haiti Program

Author: Provided

Marie Donahue, a longtime global health specialist, has become the managing director of the Notre Dame Haiti Program. Donahue, who was educated at the    University of North Carolina’s Gillings School of Global Public Health, will work with Rev. Thomas Streit, C.S.C., Ph.D., the Program’s founder and head researcher, on efforts to eliminate lymphatic filariasis (LF) in Haiti by 2020. Earl Carter, the assistant dean for faculty affairs and special projects in the College of Science, had been interim managing director since December 2013.

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Remembering Emil T. Hofman

Author: Gene Stowe

Emil Hofman

Emil T. Hofman, emeritus professor of chemistry and biochemistry, who passed away on July 11 at age 94, was a legendary chemistry professor who taught more than 60 percent of each freshman class for four decades. His more than 32,000 former students include both of Notre Dame’s Nobel Prize winners, Notre Dame President Emeritus Monk Malloy, and more than 8,000 doctors. In retirement, Professor Hofman was still a fixture on campus, welcoming passersby to join him on a bench outside the Main Building.

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Haiti Program showcases salt factories to media and community

Author: Earl Carter

Salt factory chemist Thierry Lajoie interviewed by Haitian television

This week on May 27 and 28 (Wed. and Thurs.), the Director of Nutrition for the Haitian ministry of public health (MSPP), Dr. Joseline Marhone, welcomed a wide variety of guests to an open house at the two salt factories managed by the Notre Dame Haiti Program in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area.…

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Vote for the Haiti Program on ND Day!

Author: Stephanie Healey

Join the Notre Dame Haiti Program in celebrating Notre Dame Day!

Notre Dame Day is a global celebration of all things Notre Dame through an online fundraising competition and streaming broadcast. The second annual Notre Dame Day kicks off at 18:42 Eastern Time (6:42 pm ET) on Sunday, April 26 and concludes at 11:59 pm ET on Monday, April 27.

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