Stopping the Spread

In Haiti, where implementation of interventions has been plagued by numerous challenges that block health delivery, the LF elimination project has five potential tools that can be used selectively or in concert to break the chain of LF transmission:

  • tablet-based mass drug administration (MDA)
  • diethylcarbamazine-fortified salt products
  • insecticide-treated materials, such as bednets.
  • other vector-control measures
  • public health education and addressing environmental impact

Because of fundamental deficits in even the most basic of health services in Haiti, each of the five strategies offers significant secondary benefits for both health and development beyond the LF focus as well as added capacity building for the nation’s health delivery system. The extreme prevalence of LF in Haiti necessitates the use of multiple elimination strategies in concert.

The Haiti Program’s current strategy for nationwide LF elimination draws primarily on two of the above strategies: mass drug administration (MDA) and DEC-fortified salt products.