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The best first step is to visit Haiti and Leogane by being guests of Hopital Saint Croix. The Residence Filariose (RF) serves as a training facility and guesthouse for visiting researchers focused on Lymphatic Filariasis. With the program increasing in size, the Residence has become a facility meeting and training site for Haitians and others to gain knowledge and skills, while becoming better informed about filariasis.

The RF is located at Belval #10 Leogane, Haiti, WI (about 30 kilometers west of Port-au-Prince) and situated on land owned by the Episcopal Church of Haiti. Formerly surrounded by sugarcane fields and against a backdrop of mountains, the RF is now in the heart of the newly developed market and on the hospital complex with the nursing school. It is only a fifteen-minute walk from the our partner hospital Hopital Sainte Croix (HSC). The Episcopal Church also owns and directs the HSC, and works in partnership with the Presbyterian Church (PC-USA). Walking or bicycling is the main mode of transportation within the town, providing opportunity for contact with those for whom our humanitarian efforts are directed.

HSC is a 120-bed general hospital. In addition, the hospital oversees a wide network of community health workers in the immediate rural region and has been generous in making hospital resources and the local health network available to researchers.

For more information, contact the Program Staff at

The official languages in Haiti are French and Creole. French is spoken by the educated and / or professionally employed. Legal documents are always in French. The first and common language of all Haitians is Creole. Many administrators and professionals at the Hospital speak English. However, they will not always be available for your benefit, making communication difficult at times. Therefore, translators are available for the present rate of $30 U.S. per day (Summer '15).

Availability of vehicles is limited, and requests must be submitted well in advance. Vehicles are primarily reserved for program needs; however, they may also be hired for personal use. If you decide you need transportation during your visit for either research and / or activities, contact Mr. Max Rosemond,

Peak travel times to Haiti occur in December and August. There may be an American Airlines box embargo during December and toward the end of May through September. (Please contact American Airlines for exact dates). Airlines regularly change the number of bags you may check and the weight limits, so please check with the airline prior to travel. If you have sealed containers with you, please bring duct tape in your carry-on for resealing containers upon clearing Customs.

If you plan on traveling to Haiti during February or March, please be aware that there is increased tourism during these months, which may lead to higher airfare rates. February is the month of Rara, and Carnival is celebrated throughout the month of March.

To reserve space at the RF and ensure timely pick-up upon your arrival, please contact theĀ Program Staff atĀ,

We also ask that you review all health concerns involved with traveling to Haiti. This can be done at The Center for Disease Control and Prevention.