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Almost half of the population in endemic areas of Haiti suffer from Lymphatic Filariasis

Founded in 1993, the University of Notre Dame Haiti Program seeks to achieve the historic goal of eliminating Lymphatic Filariasis (LF) in Haiti by 2020. LF, a mosquito-borne disease that affects over 2 million Haitians, is the second leading cause of long-term disfigurement and disability worldwide. It can be eliminated in Haiti through mass drug administration and the distribution of co-fortified salt. The Haiti Program is partnering with the Haitian Ministry of Health, corporations, and non-governmental organizations to forever eliminate the disease in Haiti and alleviate the suffering of Haitians infected with LF. This innovative work also provides an exportable model for LF elimination in other developing nations.

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Fortified salt operations resume in Haiti

Author: James Reimer

Father Michelet Dorescar, General Manager of the CSC Salt Project

According to Fr. Michelet Dorescar, General Manager of the CSC Salt Project, the facility in downtown Port-au-Prince, which produces its fortified salt marketed under the trade name Bon Sel Dayiti, resumed normal operations on Tuesday, July 10, after being closed on the preceding Saturday and Monday.


Most importantly, all employees and their families are safe and were kept out of harms way during the weekend protests.

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